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MDA Oncology & Hematology

The oncologists and hematologists at Medical Diagnostic Associates provide excellent cancer care at their office on the ground floor of the Overlook Medical Center located in Summit, New Jersey. We are part of the Carol G. Simon Cancer Center, which provides the most advanced treatment technologies available in a collaborative setting that promotes a coordinated multidisciplinary approach to cancer care. As an Oncology and Hematology practice, we specialize in treating patients with many different types and stages of adult cancers and blood disorders.

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Patient Advice for Covid-19 Exposure

Symptoms Exposure or Travel Risk Advice to Patient
None None in prior 14 days Call practice if symptoms develop.
None Yes in prior 14 days Self-quarantine at home. Notify your health department.

Call our office if symptoms develop.
Mild None in 14 days prior to symptom onset Take supportive measures at home. Immediately call the office if symptoms worsen.

Based on other health conditions, we will make a case by case decision about an office visit.

You must wear a mask on entering the office.
Mild Yes in 14 days prior to symptom onset Take supportive measures at home. Self-quarantine at home.

Notify your health department. Immediately call the office if your symptoms worsen.
Severe Yes or no You need to contact the Emergency Department.

Notify the Emergency Department if you have travel or exposure risk.


MDA Oncology & Hematology Union Campus

New Location: Union Campus

We are excited to announce a new office location for our Hematology & Oncology services at the Atlantic Medical Group Union campus. The Union office will offer on-site infusions, imaging, X-rays and lab services. The doctors will all be offering office hours at the Union location.

Our Vision

Physician's Pledge for Cancer Care and Blood Disorders

Physician's Pledge

Comprehensive cancer care, close to home. Having cancer is a powerful life event, affecting everything from your work and relationships to your appearance and self-esteem. From innovative therapies to advanced diagnostics, we offer a wide array of cutting-edge medical technology, ground-breaking treatment techniques, and exceptional support services in a comfortable setting.

Our Mission

Cancer Treatment at Overlook Medical Center

Cancer Care for the Whole Patient

Our focus is treating the whole patient while we fight the cancer. In addition to patient care and research, we offer supportive services for our patients and their families from diagnosis through treatment, and beyond. We offer comprehensive, state-of-the-art treatment services provided by board-certified physicians in comfortable, family-friendly surroundings.


MDA Oncology & Hematology Non-surgical Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment

If cancer treatment is necessary, you can take comfort in knowing our doctors are highly skilled in the latest medical techniques. We offer a variety of non-surgical cancer therapies to halt or reverse cancer growth.

MDA Oncology & Hematology Blood Disorder Treatment

Blood Disorders

Hematology is the medical specialty dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of blood diseases and disorders. Hematologists treat conditions related to red and white blood cells, lymph nodes, bone marrow, spleen and platelets.

MDA Oncology & Hematology On-site Lab

On-site Lab

Blood work can be performed and analyzed by our on-site laboratory and staff. Lab tests check a sample of your blood, urine, or body tissues. The test samples to see if your results fall within the normal range.

MDA Oncology & Hematology Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Our physicians are involved in regional and national research protocols for new cancer treatments. Patients may be offered to participate in clinical trials of the latest and most innovative cancer treatments.

MDA Oncology & Hematology Cancer Nutrition


We recognize that good nutrition is integral to promoting healing and feelings of well-being. A cancer diagnosis and its related treatment may make it difficult for you to maintain proper nutrition.

MDA Oncology & Hematology Patient Care

Patient Care

Patients benefit from our leading-edge medical services and participation in innovative research programs. Our support services team is committed to addressing the educational, emotional, financial, and nutritional needs of patients.

Cancer Care for the Whole Patient

At MDA Oncology & Hematology, we use integrated, holistic treatment, combining traditional medicine with complementary therapies, including nutritional counseling, music therapy, relaxation, guided imagery, meditation and yoga. In addition to patient care and research, our education and training programs support and develop the next generation of cancer researchers and clinicians. We provide coordinated, multi-disciplinary treatment and access to clinical trials through national Cooperative Oncology Groups.